Scarred Bridges

Scars are just well built bridges to hold parts together, strong structures you can rely on from the past to carry you through the future.

You do not just stand there. They are meant to heal you, while holding you together, to help you move forward. Where are your bridges taking you?

Remember, Jesus showed them His scars AFTER the resurrection. They did not hurt any more but, they all remembered when they looked on His scars. His scars were a bridge for us. ~ RBG 2019

Meeting your blogging needs, one on one.

Feather-pen-clipart  Looking for a blogger to write for your site?  Whether it is for marketing products, or announcing events, I can write for your needs.*   If you need a Ghost Blogger, I can sign a non-disclosure agreement.  I write for a limited number of sites so that I can give you a unique and timely product.  I design blogs for HOAs, schools, small businesses and individuals.  Contact me to see if I can help with your blogging needs.

“Anything worth having is worth working for!” ~ Andrew Carnegie

*I reserve the right to not write for anything or anyone I deem objectionable.  ~ R. B. Green
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