Blog Writing

cropped-scritture-collettive.jpg Not everyone is a writer.  Or, maybe you just do not have the time.  I can write the occasional blog, seasonal blog or monthly blog on a per blog price.  I can design and create a website for you to run by yourself or I can manage for you on a monthly basis. I can also set up a FB business page for you and maintain it for you if you are interested. Let me help you market your local store, FB or Website Shop, an HOA blog or school organization.  Contracts can be per blog or monthly basis; request what you need when you need.  I take a limited number of clients so that I can give one on one personalized service that is timely and mutual in time sensitivity.*

*I reserve the right to decline writing for any person, organization, or product I deem objectionable at my own discretion. ~ R. B. Green


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