Summertime ~ Woof!

Summertime Woof!  Dog Days of Summer getting to you?DogDays
You have heard the term all of your life. Did your parent’s generation come up with it pre-air-conditioning days? Your grandparents? Would you believe it is from Roman times?
It seems hot and humid days of summer have afflicted mankind from July to mid August since chariots stirred up dust. The actual days are July 3rd to August 11th. Romans attributed the heat as coming from two prominent stars rising in the sky at the same time. Two stars heat makes it hotter, right?  The sun of course is the first star and the 2nd being Sirius , the Dog Star. Sirius is the Canis Major constellation’s brightest star. The 20 days before and 20 days after Sirius rises are the Dog Days of Summer.
Of course we know now that a star that distant can not generate heat to the earth.
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